Develop mindful presence and strengthen relationships through photography.

An alternative to smartphone-mediated experience, changing how we think about and use our cameras. A fun, creative approach to cultivate deeper vision and establish meaningful connections with others.

Team Building, Wellness, Diversity & Inclusion

Expert-guided excursions take place in local areas explored on foot. These can be exterior spaces with access to natural features – parks, gardens, wilderness areas – or interior spaces with stimulating design – cultural centers, public plazas, corporate campuses.

Learning paths are tailored to background and interests of the group, covering a range of proficiency with photography and mindfulness. Participants learn to apply foundational principles through hands-on exercises. The guide works alongside participants, providing unobtrusive coaching and feedback. Participants have opportunities to share mindful experiences and corresponding imagery at the conclusion of each segment.

Afterward an online portal is available to post photos and order archival-quality prints as desired.

Click here to participate in a Mindful Photo Excursion

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“WHAT A DAY! Loved every second of this experience. Seek and you shall find… thank you JD Lewis”

“Things I enjoyed… Being reminded of mindfulness and being present. Not creating just another selfie for IG. Looking for the overlooked.”

“Beautiful surroundings, great people who were all open to the experience, airplane mode helped me be fully present, listening and learning more about my friends through this shared experience.”

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